The APEX project day 7

To amend the shortness of rock, we ordered more. 
It came, on account of the prior days' precipitation, with a bit of a mobile pond.

Spriggy is often accidentally epic.  Here he is practicing for our planned ascent of Mt. Elbert on Sunday.

Captain Williams models a fashion of his own creation to combat the cold: Double-hat-Double-glove

The secret ingredient which was mixed into the sand: expanded shale from Timberline Gardens.  Lying on it like a mattress, Jordan  said he was checking if it is, in fact, "memory shale."    Our hope is that it will remember to stay moist amid the sand, providing better moisture and air to roots at once.

The main and largest bed was bordered with "perimeter" or "footer" stones, laboriously sunk in the heavy clay.  They were backfilled with the shaley-sand mix which will get completely "studded" or "paved" with stones, as we did to the South bed on left.  We plan for five beds total. You are looking at the largest two.