The APEX project day 6

I grossly underestimated stone needed.  I am reminded that in geometry, when estimating for three dimensions, increases are factored not by multiplicaiton but exponentially!  That means a heck of a lot more stone… three additional tons came today.

Jordan Haenselman, Ryan Durfee, Kenton Seth, Paul Spriggs, Julie Anderson, Kyle Williams:
(The "crew" at its fullest, and the flag at half mast in observance of the date today)

I'd like to make an invitation to anyone interested who would like to stop by and have a look at the guts of this great heap while it is being coagulated. Come see all seven layers of a stone burrito.  The address is 11706 West 82nd Ave, Arvada, CO, 80005 for you computer-navigated drivers, and the Southwest corner of 82nd and Simms for cardinal-directed folks.  We are out there from 8-4, M-F for the next week and a half, or thereabouts.  When it's not raining.

If you stop by Friday, you may meet Paul Spriggs of Sprigg's Gardens, Victoria, BC, as this will be his last day consulting on the garden before he flies home.

Please be warned that we are having extreme amounts of fun.