The APEX project day 12

A sequence of the fourth bed, which is now done (minus topdressing):
 Thursday 10 am
Thursday 4 pm
Friday 4 pm
That's probably 3 tons.  Sandstone is light.  

Kevin (right) helped out today; he's Field Manager and grower of all your favourite perennials at 
Timberline Gardens.  It's nice when there is a shortcut to three oversized wheelbarrow trips, and that construction fencing is flexible.  A bed in the midst of haivng stones placed just gobbles up the sandy mix.   Marla and Jordan spent the majority of the day topdressing the large mound with gravels, completely hiding any sand and preventing it from sun, wind and rain exposure, which would otherwise dry, blow, or wash it away respectively.  It will remain moist longer if it is cool, and it will remain cool under an inch of gravel.  

Remaining to do is just one medium-large bed to build from scratch.  Some 55 tons are in the ground.  There are probably three days needed to finish it next week.  Stay tuned; thanks all for reading.

Some of us are dreaming constantly of the plants.