The APEX project day 11

That's compost- the great dark heap in front.  No, we're not secretly mixing it into the crevices or the beds.  Actually, it will go in non-creviced areas about the path (which were badly compacted during the rains) for more traditional plants like Veronica and Nailwort who appreciate compost.  But it will be safely away from the high beds and crevices which are meant to be a refuge from microbes who get happy in rich soils.

My friends started and almost finished the third (of five) bed, against a seat-wall, today.  

Sadly, it was the last day we had working with Ryan of Pan's Gardens.
Fortunately, we've got Marla of Roots Medicine Gardens; her startup creates custom home herbal gardens for folks' specific needs.  Looks like she's up to trying less useful and more fanciful things like our wee project.

It was a good days despite the heat.  We did company yoga.  
It helped wildly with the great strain on our bodies this thing gives us.

We've decided the garden is 73% done.  
As of now, we have five beds, in the full range of "doneness" from 
unstarted to totally topdressed.

A dozen accent plants will go in next week, the most exciting to me being the authentic greenleaf Manzanita- Arctostaphylos patula.