Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Never to waste a brilliant time to be thinking of what is happening elsewhere, I am sure that things continue to rock on back home in Colorado.  This is what was having opening acts when I left:
Penstemon bicolor, from Blue Diamond, NV, collected by the brilliant young Jackson Burkholder of the Denver Cactus club.  This is a smashing nice form, and despite being from a mild place, its evergreen holly-like leaves overwintered immaculately through the nasty last winter. (2013/14 in Grand Junction saw -16F/-27C in places)

Verbascum oreophillum.

The delightfully hairy Mullien. (not to be confused with Colorado's weedy V. thapsus.)
I love how the wool is so thick it gathers itself in places.  I've just read that this plant is Turkish.  Well, welcome to Colorado, buddy! (Hoş geldiniz!)

And out in the desert, a gem of gems, our very own endemic Spiny Desert Milkwort.  She protects herself with the skeleton of prior year's growth.  American-West-desert-plantafficianados all want to get a chance to have seed for, or even just see, this elusive princess. Oh, if I were there, I would be!  Thanks to last summer's generous monsoon rains, and the winter's above-average snow,  she was beginning to bloom as I left, a tip from my more desert-abreast friends.