Just Spring

Spring is here, so blogging is back-burnered, but still important, like the teakettle.

Astragalus spatulatus and Cryptantha humilis v. nana.  Supplied by Sunscapes Nursery in Pueblo, CO.  The latter is the most excting thing at present because I've just found that it smells exactly like freesia.

Astragalus purshii, grown expertly by Mike Kintgen at Denver Botanic's biggest Crevice Garden.  Please note the colour of the buds; that's the fun bit.

Mike and I gave a Crevice-Gardening lecture and workshop at Timberline Gardens in Arvada, CO, a weekend or  two back.  It was warmly recieved by a wonderful and big crowd.  What a ball.  I thank everyone for coming.

 Townsendia spathulata is perhaps the best little Townsend daisy.  Pink/purple petal backs make it interesting when the flowers close at the setting of the sun.
My gratitude to Woodstove Warehouse on South 7th in Grand Junction for letting me tear into their dirt for a desert landscape (to be ultimately unwaterd).  There is sometimes nothing more juicy than a prepared and blank canvas! Possibilities!

Our local Mertensia fusiformis (A bluebell species) prospers year after year in my dry shade garden. (Related to M. lancealata, arizonica, viridis or all lumped into oblongifolia, whatever.)

 Penstemon congestus. Supplied by Agua Fria Nursery, Santa Fe, NM.
(P. pachyphyllus var congestum) 

Do whatever you must to stay outside.